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Mellowcroft is a natural holistic retreat.

An ancient Welsh small-holding, nestled beneath the Llandegley rocks of mid-Wales, this land is a haven for wildlife and exploration. A pioneering model of land-use, it provides a beautiful space for private retreats, events and workshops.

Reclaimed from sheep-grazing, these 12 acres are now held in trust and run as a 'not-for-profit' social enterprise to champion conservation, sustainability and the arts. Mellowcroft is a bold step forward for Welsh eco-tourism.

Our eco-builds provide shelter and venue for our members- including our inspiring hand-crafted classroom, our tree-house 'eco folly' lounge, our beautiful canvas marquee, our yurt and cabins. We have plenty of scope for wild camping in our silver birch woodlands and throughout the rest of the land.

The core elements of self-sufficiency are all in place. We have fresh spring water, solar and wind energy, organic allotments, compost loos, wood fired baths and two fresh water pools for wild-life and swimming.

People come to Mellowcroft for many reasons - to learn new skills, to practise arts, volunteer, host an event/workshop or to enjoy a private retreat. Though all are welcome, Mellowcroft remains a private retreat, available by arrangement only. Please contact us with your ideas; we look forward to meeting you.

"A truly inspiring and imaginative project, all strength to this home and hearth."
Kevin McCloud

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